CALLAS Low odor Eyelash Extension Glue (OP) - 10g / 0.34fl.oz.

CALLAS advanced Eyelash Extension Glue (AP)

Callas Low odor Eyelash Extension Glue is formulated with LATEX-FREE.  The formulation with LATEX-FREE is a low irritation type of glue that is safe for customers.
This glue is made for professional use only. Before use, shake the container up and down for about 20 times and mix the ingredients before using. 
A fast setting eyelash extension adhesive for advanced technicians.

Ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone, Carbon Black

- Keep lid tightly closed.
- Keep away from children.
- Shake enough before use.
- Store glue in a cool and dry location with the cap tightly closed.
- Use within 2 months of opening
- Be sure that materials do not get into the eye when used.
- Keep away from the flame
- If contact with eye or skin, clean it and get advice with the doctor.

Keep in temperature : 68-77 Degrees Fahrenheit
Appropriate Humidity : 50-70%

Volume: 10g / 0.34fl.oz.

CALLAS Low odor Eyelash Extension Glue (OP) - 10g / 0.34fl.oz.

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