Callas Blending Brush (CMB06)

This CALLAS Blending Brush is great for eyeshadows and sheer foundation application. It is made up of natural horse hair which helps create a natural look and applies flawlessly onto the skin. The natural horse hair perfectly blends and absorbs the right amount of makeup flawlessly onto the skin. This brush is to mix the eyeshadow colors and to apply the sheer foundation on top of the concealer. 
Use this brush to create coloring around the eyes. Use this brush to create a natural, sophisticated, and contrasting look using powder eye shadows or to blend colors. 

How to Use

This brush is used not just for blending but to create sophisticated shading or to give a highlight around the eye line.


Always keep your brushes clean. Use soap and warm water to clean. Place on flat surface to dry.


Hair Diameter: 9pi, Hair Length: 18mm, Metal Length: 35mm, Handle Length: 112mm, Total Length: 165mm.

Callas Blending Brush (CMB06)

  • Brand: Callas
  • UPC: 8809370160053
  • MPN: CR-CMB06
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