Suwall Luxury Multi Serum 18.6fl.oz/550ml


Improve your hair health with excellent natural components and modern science technology. Excellent setting power brings your hair style more natural. More moisturizing components supplies moisture and prevents static electricity. Contains no oil, no sticky and fresh usage feel. Containing silicon and setting components makes your hair natural and great. Also Suwall is an excellent anti hair loss product that has been certified as a medicinal product by department of Food and Drug Safety. Various hydrators hydrates the hair. The silicon content leaves the hair shiny. Contains long-lasting styling formula for light and natural hair styling. Firms the curls with shine and hydration. 


After shampoo, dry your hair with towel. Apply Suwall luxury Multi Serum to make style you want.

Suwall Luxury Multi Serum 18.6fl.oz/550ml

  • Brand: Su Wall
  • UPC: 8809183614712
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