Suwall Luxury Oriental Hair Pack 18.6fl.oz/550ml
Suwall Luxury Oriental Hair Pack 550ml

Oriental herb hair pack developed with traditional oriental herbal components and modern science technology.
The various herbal extracts make your hair shinny and soft.
Main Ingredients:
1. Vitamin H(Biotin) :
Glycogen synthesis, Cure white hair,
Prevent and cure bold head, eczema, reduce dermatitis.
Nicotin Amide:
Water soluble, Vitamin B3, lower fat concentration in blood, blood vessel expansion, improve blood circulation,
removes and controls fat layer of scalp cell, Lower Cholesterol,
Lower blood pressure.
Dexpanthenol :
new skin texture creation. Create skin moisturizing curtain,
improves cell circulation, heel and recovering effect.
4. Zinc pyrithione:
Cure effect on cradle cap skin disease.
Excess sebum control, Removes and control bacteria caused dandruff.
5. 18-MEA :
Poly molecular structure, excellent absorption and adhesion,
effective and protective property.

After shampooing with Suwall Luxury Oriental Shampoo, pump proper amount and apply.
Massaging thoroughly over and through the hair. Leave for about 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Suwall Luxury Oriental Hair Pack 18.6fl.oz/550ml

  • Brand: Su Wall
  • UPC: 8809183613869
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