Herbul Henna Hair Well-being Life  (Yellow) - 6 Pouches x 10g (0.3527oz)
  • Botanic Henna for Hair Coloring
  • 6 Pouches x 10g (0.3527oz)
Recovers the damaged hair from frequent coloring or perm. 
The eyes or scalp will not be tingling or itching when using this product unless you are allergic to henna.

Easy hair coloring with HERBUL HENNA 
1. Shampoo before applying. 
2. Mix 1 pouch(10g) of powder with 30ml of water. 
 - The best consistency is like ketchup.   - If you add a raw egg or honey, it will increase the health of hair. 
3. Apply it to the hair evenly. 
 - Short hair for men: 1~2 pouches  - Medium hair: 2~3 pouches  - Long hair: 3~5 pouches (1 pouch=10g) 
4. Wear the hair cap and wait 40~50 minutes 
 -The longer the set time, the darker the hair Leave on for a shorter amount of time for more damaged hair. 
5. Rinse and shampoo with warm water.

Herbul Henna Hair Well-being Life (Yellow) - 6 Pouches x 10g (0.3527oz)

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