dr.eslee Anti-Sebum Control Skin Line Smooth Essence Plus 35 ml

Oil Free Water Based Moisturizer for Oily and Combination Skins.

- Smooth Essence is an effective moisturizer that makes skin smooth.  

- It contains Hyaluronic acid, Houttynia Cordata, Kiwi, Aloe extract and other beauty ingredients.

- It is suitable for all skin including problematic blemish skin 

The Smooth Essence Oil-Free Moisturizer contains a hydro-gel water-based moisturizer that is water-based and oil-free for use on oily skin lacking moisture. Suitable for use after skincare routine which is suitable for use on skin tried due to heat sensitivity after your regular oily skincare routine. Plant-Derived water-based moisturizing ingredients which contains Beta-glucan, aloe vera left extract, and other plant-derived water-based moisturizing ingredients that help relieve the drying of oily skin. 

Active Ingredients

Beta-Glucan- A polysaccharide contained in mushrooms, cereals (barely, oats), etc. that moisturizes and gives a soothing effect to tired skin. 
Allantoin- A botanical extract derived from the perennial plant comfrey, oak and wheat germ that relieves irritations and makes your skin supple and smooth.
Aloe Vera Extract- An extract derived from the aloe vera leaf that moisturizes and soothes flushed skin.
Houttuynia Cordata Extract- An ingredient extracted from the perennial herb saururus chinensis that is effectively used in sebum management.
Sodium Hyaluronate- Often referred to as hyaluronic acid, it has Natural Moisturizing Factors and similar moisturizing properties that prevents the evaporation of water and helps prevent rough skin. 

How to Use

1. After cleansing, apply toner to skin. 

2. Pump an appropriate amount of essence, spread it over the entire face, and tap gently to absorb. 

TIP! After use, it can be reapplied to areas, Use after refrigeration to feel effects quickly. 

dr.eslee Anti-Sebum Control Skin Line Smooth Essence Plus 35 ml

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