Callas Makeup Brush Set

The callas professional make-up brush comprises of smooth resilient hairs making it easy to use for beginners, and is a product made with features to maximize completion of a professional makeup. Furthermore, it’s appropriate size not only provides a convenient feel when using it but it is also easy to carry and store.

It is comprised of 14 types depending on where it is used and is packaged in individual pouches.

How To Use

After selecting the appropriate brush to use, makeup is applied in accordance with each instruction for use.
If it becomes dirty, wash with the exclusive cleaner or synthetic detergent, and after rubbing it gently, rinse it in warm water.

Dry it by gently wiping with a towel and arrange the brush hairs the way you please. You must lay the brush to dry.

CARE TIPS: Always keep your brushes clean. Use soap and warm water to clean. Place on a flat surface and let dry, place paper towel of regular small hand towel under

Callas Makeup Brush Set

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