Dearderm Olive Body Set


Body Scrub Peeling Gel: The peeling gel removes waste and hardened layers of skin and blocks skin to become thick making it smooth and healthy. It contains cherry blossom extract and olive extract with no irritation making the skin soft with rich vitamin mineral ingredients that will make the skin moisturized. Using soft hand movements, scrub using the cellulose ingredients as it will naturally remove old dead skin and gives you a neat and moist feel.

Body Shower Gel: Foam bubbles that are like cream are formed to clean out the waste products making the skin clean and fresh. After showering, skin will become moisturized.

Body Lotion: The body lotion contains rich in Shea Butter with no irritation to dry skin. The skin absorbs the moisture and nutrients with soft fresh fragrances of cherry blossom and olive. Helps weary skin to become healthy and moist.

How to Use:

Body Scrub Peeling Gel: On clean and dry face, apply DearDerm Bright Mild Peeling Gel. Gently massage in a circular motion to lift and remove dead skin cells. Wash off. Use 1-2 times a week depending on skin.

Body Shower Gel: Apply it to  a wet sponge or a shower towel, make foam, and then massage your whole body with it slowly and gently. After the massage finishes, rinse the foam completely out of the body.

Body Lotion: After shower or bath, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on the body. 

Dearderm Olive Body Set

  • Brand: Dearderm
  • UPC: 8809370163283
  • MPN: DD-BSET(Olive)
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