Enprani Pore Sensor Skin Care Special Set 2pcs

For Sensitive Skin & Pores

Set Includes: 
- 1 Pore Sensor Skin Toner 160ml 
- 1 Pore Sensor Emulsion 120ml 
- 1 Pore Sensor Foam Cleanser 50ml 
- 1 Pore Sensor Skin Toner 25ml 
- 1 Pore Sensor Skin Emulsion 25ml

Skin changes by becoming weaker and more sensitive due to external environmental and lifestyle factors, such as, stress, diet, and working overtime.

Enprani's NEW Pore Sensor line helps to minimize skin irritation as a hypoallergenic prescription for sensitive skin. It will block signs of pore and skin troubles by maintaining a clean skin texture through a phased customized care.

Pore Sensor phased custom solution improves troubles generated on the surface of sensitive skins, widening and drooping pores intensively by providing a clearer skin.


Pore Sensor line utilizes the Snail Calming Complex. Snail Calming ComplexTM is a complex ingredient that consists of giant snail mucus extracts, which is abundant in "mucin," which helps with skin calming and soothing. Another ingredient is the snail eggs extracts, which is abundant in "albumin," which allows self-strengthening of the skin, relaxing sensitive skins and pores by providing abundant nutrients to maintain a healthier skin.

Phased Custom Care for Trouble & Pore Skin

Step 1: Removing Excessive Sebum
- Azelaic Acid: Acne medicine, excellent in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, that hinders the activity of 5-reductase, which boosts secretion of sebum.

Step 2: Turnover Boost & Pore Cleaning
- Meadowsweet Extract: Effective in old dead skin cell care and tightening with natural BHA.
- Witch Hazel Water: Effective in sebum control and pore tightening.

Step 3: Care for the Cause of Pore Expansion
- Artichoke Extract: Hinders activity of NF-kB, which is a cause for pores opening, melanizing, and drooping.

Step 4: Alleviating Troubles and Care for Damaged Areas
- AC Diminish Complex (Azelaic Acid, Totarol, Panthenyl Acetate): Alleviates troubled area and takes care of the damaged area.
- Machihyeon (Portulaca Oleracea) Extract: Excellent effect in skin soothing.

Step 5: Care for Enlarged Pores
- Youth Pore Complex (Artichoke, Meadowsweet, Rose Hips): Makes pore gaps moist and elastic.
-  the natural BioPolymer ingredient that instantly tightens pores and gives an elastic effect.

After washing up, soak a clean piece of cotton with a moderate amount of toner and gently apply from outer part to inner part of the face along the skin texture as if you're cleaning something off.

After using skin or serum, pump out the moderate amount and gently apply along the skin texture while patting.

Enprani Pore Sensor Skin Care Special Set 2pcs

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