Enprani Premiercell Skin Care Set 3pcs


Volume Lipo-Cell 
Dermatologist Tested 
Wrinkle Care 

Enprani PREMIERCELL is a premium elasticity skincare line that ensures strikingly youthful appearance by restoring skin's own energy as well as volume and elasticity, which have been lost over time. 

Premiercell Skin Softener 150ml: Highly concentrated firming toner provides a foundation for healthy skin by supplying vitality and moisture to skin.  (2)
Premiercell Emulsion130ml: Highly concentrated elasticity emulsion makes skin feel moisturized and smooth by supplying nourishment and firmness to skin. (1)

Travel Gift Sample: 
Premiercell Skin Softener 50ml 
Premiercell Emulsion 50ml 
Premiercell Volume Lifting Serum 10ml 
Premiercell Volume Firming Cream 10ml

After washing the face, apply an adequate amount of skin softener on skin and gently pat to enhance absorption. 
After using the skin softener, gently apply an adequate amount of emulsion on skin along the skin's texture.

Enprani Premiercell Skin Care Set 3pcs

  • Brand: Enprani
  • UPC: 8806334367626
  • MPN: PC-900S
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