Holika Holika After Sauna Mask

After the sauna, the pores of the convergent pore mask

Pores Minimizing Essence Complex (apple mint + curd + cucumber + lime) is effective for the

convergence of pores. This is a mask sheet that soothes the pores after the sauna like baby skin.

What if you are soaking in warm water and enjoying the sauna in cold weather like these days?

A pore mask that soothes the increased pores due to the warmth of the sauna!


How to Use

After cleansing, it prepares skin texture with skin.

Unfold the pouch and unfold the mask so that it fits into the face shape.

After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the mask and allow the remaining essence to be absorbed by tapping lightly.

Holika Holika After Sauna Mask

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