Prinsia Magic Hair Roller (Large 7pcs/pkg)(12pack)

Dry hair completely using a hair dryer or towel, or by letting it air dry.
Heat the rollers fully before applying them to your hair.
Divide the hair on the very top of your head into 3 sections: at the front, in the middle and at the back of the crown.
Start with the front section and hold your hair completely straight. Spritz hairspray on the hair before taking the largest hot roller and rolling the hair toward the scalp.
Repeat for the remaining sections.
Split the side layers of hair into 5 sections, beginning just above one ear and continuing across the back of the head to the other ear.
Hold small sections of the hair straight apply hairspray and roll toward the scalp. Make sure you roll each section of your hair in the same direction.
Depending on the thickness and amount of hair, additional or fewer sections may be needed.
Allow the rollers to set for ten minutes or until they are completely cool. Once they are cool, remove them 1 at a time from your hair.

Prinsia Magic Hair Roller (Large 7pcs/pkg)(12pack)

  • Brand: Prinsia
  • UPC: 809255850680
  • MPN: PS-030(0680)
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