Eye Charm Magic Nano Slim Double Eyelid Tape 25 Pack

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Eye Charm Magic is a new type of two-sided twin carpet tape that is completely different from its existing products. Among those who used it as an existing product, I strongly recommend to those who has thick eyelid. And those who have worried about not having double eyelids due to the existing section type aikas because there are many fat above the eyes. Magic thick type is recommended for those who have trouble because of the dark double eyelids. The Magic Thick is good for making dark double eyelids, and the Magic Slim Thin is for casual double eyelids. Eye charm magic is a product registered as utility model (No. 0381126). The arch shape makes it easy to apply. Continuous use will shape your eyelids permanently without the need of eyelid surgery. With Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape make-up application is easy and the big beautiful eyes are here to stay.

How to Use
1. Before using the new eye charm, clean the area around the eye.
2.Look for a place to make double eyelashes on both ends of the “Y” end of the plastic molding machine inserted as a gift.
3. Remove the upper white paper of the new eye charm (If convenient cut off the center line)
4. Take the long side of the plastic molding machine apart from the bottom transparent sheet by attaching only half of the tape.
5. Place the tape where the double eyelid line
6. The “Y” part of the molding eye charm push the lower part of the double skin tape up and attaches the adhesive part of the upper part.
7. After attaching the upper eyelid, leave it on for a while.
8. When removing it after use, remove it from the upper and carefully remove the lower from one side.
9. When it is not easy to remove, add a little bit of water onto eyelid, should come off easier.

Do not use in areas where there are abnormalities such as cuts, eczema, and dermatitis on the skin.
Stop using when there are red spots, swelling, itching, or irritation on the skin during use.
Keep out of reach from children.
Please be careful because it may cause skin irritation when used for a long time.
*When removing the product from the skin, slowly and carefully remove it.
(If you pull or pull it off quickly, your skin may stretch)

Eye Charm Magic Nano Slim Double Eyelid Tape 25 Pack

  • Brand: Eye Charm
  • UPC: 8809370163658
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