Enprani Clear Sun Stick

Life Perfect UV Block (Blue ShieldTM)-UVA + UVB + Blue Light+ Fine Dust 4. In addition to ordinary sunscreen that blocks ultraviolet rays A and B only, this is a new concept which is a four-ray shield which closely marks blue light that generates active scarlet, fine dust that will stimulate the skin and contamination of the city.
Hands free! Easy to carry!
Easy to use, easy to carry at any time while carrying lightly. This is also transparent and smooth feeling without the cloudiness. It is a type that does not cause cloudiness or clump.

What is a Blue Light?
A blue light is an ultraviolet ray area of visible light, and it is mostly generated in smart phones, PC, TV and etc. Blue light is harmless to the human body but it is absorbed by the human eye’s lens which reaches the retina, and can directly affect the retina and the cornea of the eye. Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes.

The Cause of Skin Aging, BLUE LIGHT
More than 50% of the active sludge is ultraviolet and blue light. Active oxygen is a major cause of aging that destroys cell membranes and makes melanin even more. Blue light has been shown to be one of the causes of skin pigmentation, making active oxygen that promotes aging and is a direct cause of the skin becoming black and stingy.

How to Use
Take the appropriate amount at the last step of skincare and apply it gently to the face.
*If you give excessive force when you first open the contents, you can get out of the gap by turning the dial to look around 1cm.
*Please be careful not to enter the contents in the eyes and mouth.

It is possible to block ultraviolet rays more efficiently if you apply it frequently when you go out. 

Enprani Clear Sun Stick

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