Sense Of Care Face Line Shape Up Chin & Neck Expert Set

Face-Line is an easy treating home care product which gives you a smooth and clear V-shaped face line when you use this product repeatedly and steadily. The 3 especially combined products complement each other so that they supply nutrition and moisture to the skin. You certainly will be able to have moist and healthy skin as well as smooth and clear face line! You can achieve the desired effect by using 3-4 times for a week!

 A sense of Care Face-line Shape Up Chin & Neck Expert comes with:
Expert Face-Line Mask x5, 
Compression garment x1, 
Expert Firming Cream 20g x1

1. Expert Face Line Mask
- Combines with loose epidermis cells to shrink the skin, tightening it.
- Minimizes the appearance of fine lines
- Mess-free and simple to use
- Results in as little as 45 minutes
- Progressive results over 72 hours

Directions: Apply the Expert Face-Line mask on your chin, followed by the garment.

2. Compression garment
- Anti-cellulite
- Skin firming/tightening
- Carefully lifts and tones skin below the chin
- Works while you sleep 

Directions: Wear the spandex garment over the Expert face-line mask; Clip should be at the top of the head. Remove after 45 minutes. 

3. Expert Firming Cream
- Refines lower jaw, chin area, and neck
- Made from a combination of herbal extracts
- Easy to absorb
- Improves skin texture to become smooth and provides resilience in the neck area.

Directions: Apply an adequate amount of cream and massage with light strokes from shoulder line to front of the neck, from collarbone to under the chin and over the jawline. Use twice a day, 6-8hours interval. (When not using the garment)

Sense Of Care Face Line Shape Up Chin & Neck Expert Set

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