Double Eyelid Trainer


Double eyelids are something that a lot of Asian women are lounging about. This not only gives the eyes more definition, but it also leaves it more attractive. And with the common features of Asian eyes and its single eyelids or mono-lids, double eyelid surgery has long been an answer. But one ingenious invention that is perfect for those who are squeamish to go under the knife is eyelid trainers. The eyelid trainer is worn just as you would with a pair of glasses. It is supported by the main frame which is similar to any eyewear. But instead of glasses what you can see on top are two nylon wires that are shaped like inverted U's.  The topmost portion of the curve will touch the eyelids creating a double eyelid effect. And wearing this device repeatedly could most likely create a linear divide over the lids. 

Size: W140mm x H30mm x D135mm

Material: abs, pp

Features: Just like to wear glasses, take 5 minutes one day, one month can get beautiful double eyelids! The habit is a second nature, simple form double-fold eyelid.

Method of use:

1. Before use make sure to confirm the white nylon is fixed on the frame.

2. According to the double eyelid, line adjusts nylon yarn.

3. At the bridge of the nose up and down adjustment, find the best location for nylon yarn joint eye socket.

4. The height to fine-tune around the slots.

* This method actually and wear glasses the same, can be adjusted to fit your eyes, no trouble at all. With it, you don't need to go to the hospital to open double-fold eyelid, don't have to stick double-fold eyelid stick double-fold eyelid cause drooping eyelids, don't have to spend money to suffer.

Double Eyelid Trainer

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