Eye Charm

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Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape 25pks

Description: Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape is a medical-grade tape designed to lift the eyelids and..

Eye Charm Double Eyelid Tape 50 pairs (Gold Basic Style) (42 Set Retail Display)

Eye Charm-Double Eyelid Tape 50 pairs Gold Basic Style(42 Sets of Retail Display) This package is t..

Eye Charm Magic Nano Slim Double Eyelid Tape 25 Pack

Pack of 25 in Display Case DescriptionEye Charm Magic is a new type of two-sided twin carpet tape t..

Eye Charm Magic Slim Double Sided Eyelid Tape (25 pkgs. of Retail Display)

DESCRIPTION:The newly introduced Eye-Charm Magic Slim has been enhanced from the previous versions. ..